Spraymalts are fine powder dried malt extracts. Drying is achieved by the use of a spraydrier, a process which produces particularly uniform powders both in terms of particle size and flavour.

The process of aqueous extraction releases sugars from malt. The resultant liquid is then partly evaporated and spraydried into a fine powder. During the spraydrying process a rotating atomiser forces the liquid extract into tiny droplets which spiral in a vortex through the heated spraydrying chamber – a process taking no longer than 4 seconds – to arrive finally at the collection point as a fine powder.

This spraydrying process ensures that each droplet is dried in a uniform fashion and is subjected to the minimum heat required to convert the liquid into its final powder form.

Several interesting variations of Spraymalt are manufactured for specific applications. By carefully controlling the drying temperatures during production we are able to produce a diastatic spraymalt.